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Facts About Education in Haiti (From Connie Mycroft, October 2011)

·     There is a revival going on in Haiti.

·     There is an urgency amongst the Christian school leaders.  They are very committed and using what little money they have to purchase Christian school books and resources.

·     Amongst the group furthering their education at the conferences there are some outstanding young men in their 30’s with great potential who have caught a vision for Christian education.

·     Only 10% of the schools are public, the other 90% are missions or NGO run.  Catholic schools are quite well established but are only in Port-au Prince.

·     Evangelicals established schools in the remote, vulnerable areas where many of the calamities have occurred such as flooding.

·     BHM (the mission with which ACSI Eastern Canada has worked) alone, has 1700 Christian school teachers, many of whom teach in rural areas that very hard to reach.  Most of these teachers have nothing to teach with except upon rare occasion a chalkboard.  Paper is like gold in Haiti.  We have witnessed teachers lining up to get a free pencil!

·     There is no free education of any kind in Haiti as there is no tax basis.   All public and private schools charge fees.

·     Often families can only afford to send one of their children to school or send a child for part of a school year.

·     When children receive the gift bags with school supplies, they have been seen sharing the contents with other children who did not get one. Nothing gets wasted!

·     Parents send back word to the schools about how grateful they are for the school supplies.

·     Children have been known to give up a meal a day so that their parents can afford to send them to school.