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Help for Policy Development

Who will do it?

It is the legal responsibility of the school’s Board of Governors to establish policies, to assure that they are consistent with school philosophy and that they are enacted consistently. This should be done with the direct involvement of the head of school whose educational expertise is invaluable to the process.  Policies may be created by the head of school, the principal, a committee of teachers, a subcommittee of the Board, or any competent individual or group, and be submitted to the Board to discuss, adapt, and finally adopt. A process for review, implementation, and regular update should be implemented. Please keep in mind that policies that are not consistently applied are potentially more damaging in a legal sense than having no policies at all.

Policy or Procedure?

Often statements of procedure are mistaken for policy.  In the simplest terms, Policy is a general statement of the concepts of what should be done or not done--they could be considered as the fences in which the administrator is permitted to operate.  Procedure is the explanation of the steps of how the policy is to be applied/implemented.

What is Policy?

To be legal, a policy must be written, fully documented , and passed by the board in accordance with existing bylaws.  The following sample manual can give some direction in developing your school's manual of policies: Sample School Board Manual.