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ACSI Eastern Canada

Policies and Procedures

ACSI Eastern Canada is pleased to provide member schools with help in creating Policy Manuals for their schools.

Help for Policy Development

A Sample Table of Contents for a Policy Manual

A Compendium of Sample School Policies and Ideas

Contact the ACSI Eastern Canada Office for the password.

Eastern Canada Departments of Education

New Brunswick Department of Education

Nova Scotia Department of Education

Ontario Ministry of Education & Resources

Ordering Ontario School Supplies (e.g., OSRs, OSTs, etc.):

You will have to create a signin for your school

OSR Guidelines

Safe Schools

Violent Incident Report Form (from OSR)

OST Guidelines

Prince Edward Island Department of Education

Schools are free to adopt, adapt, or change any of these policies for their specific school's situation and use. To the best of ACSI's knowledge, the sample policies from Canadian schools conform to current Canadian/provincial laws and educational standards, but to ensure compliance, each school should have all policies developed reviewed by a competent lawyer familiar with education/law in their province. Also please note that educational laws do change from year to year so please pay careful attention to legal updates sent from our office and elsewhere.

Please note that any sample policies included from other countries (e.g., USA, Britain, Australia, etc.) will need careful adaptation to meet provincial/federal laws and procedures.

Schools are urged at minimum to develop policies in the areas suggested in the Sample Table of Contents.

In the interest of helping all schools access information/samples in order to create a satisfactory School Policy Manual we request the following:

· Where there is a need for policy information not included in this website, please contact the ACSI Eastern Canada office for help;

· Where a school has a good policy already developed which is not listed in the compendium but which currently is becoming pertinent to member schools, we request that the school send us a sample/information.

We wish to express our appreciation to Evelyn Hewitt (policy project leader) and her crew for putting together this website, and to those schools who agreed to allow their policies to be made available to ACSI Eastern Canada and our member schools for adaptation and use.