ACSIEC Leadership Institute

The ACSIEC Leadership Institute offers expertise and current/relevant professional development to Board Members, Principals, Heads, and Administrative positions within schools.

Leadership Institute Initiatives

Expert-lead Seminars/Webinars & Discussion Sessions

Relevant researchers and practitioners share their expertise with member school leaders, and facilitate discussion that inform various aspects of school leadership practise.

Board of Directors Leadership Development

Various best-practise topics, strategies, and development tools are offered via Board Leadership sessions throughout the year.

Leadership Mentoring Program

School leaders may gain added support and ideas via one-on-one mentoring offered via strategic pairings organized by ACSIEC. These relationships seek to enhance professional practise and a collaborative culture.

Summer Camp

Each August, ACSIEC offers Summer Camp leadership seminars, sessions, and mini-conferences - both virtually and face-to-face. These special development offerings help to equip Christian school leaders for the year ahead, and beyond. Unpacking current and value-add issues is always helpful for leaders as they seek to further-develop a growth mindset that is rooted in continuous improvement.