ACSIEC Services

ACSIEC offers consulting services to all member schools in various value-add areas.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan allows schools to think through and formalize, its mission, vision, goals, and objectives. The process of strategic planning provides a focus related to continuous improvement, engages the school community, and helps to create efficiencies impacting all aspects of independent schooling.

Development/ FUNDRAISING

Fundraising is part of every single non-profit organization and is required to reach capital and operational goals. Developing a diverse fundraising portfolio is important and includes capital campaigns, major donor programs, events, planned giving programs, alumni programs, foundation grant writing, social media programs, and crowdfunding.

Board Governance

The Board’s membership, structure, and processes advance the school's vision, mission, and long-term viability. As well, the Board of independent schools operate in fiduciary, strategic and sustainability modes. It is important that the Christian school board operate in a manner that is supportive, productive, and developmental.

Principal/ Head Coaching

ACSIEC’s Executive Director and team of consultants are willing and eager to come along side of school leaders to coach them in administrative areas that are new, difficult, or require various types of support.


Developing and delivering a robust international student program can be an incredibly rewarding and enhancing experience for schools. It is important to prepare properly (marketing materials, admissions protocols, residential programs, cultural proficiency, fieldwork, agent management, and relationship management) so that internationalization becomes part of the fabric of the school.

Marketing & Enrolment Management

Understanding what drives a school’s enrolment management is critical to developing a plan to welcome more students to our schools. Developing and executing effective short-term and continuous student recruitment and marketing plans can have a tremendously positive impact on schools. As well, re-enrolment and retention are integral elements of the health of all independent Christian schools.

Financial/Budget Management & Revenue Generation

Budgetary constraints and financial pressures are the cause of many sleepless nights for private school administrators. It is important to make sure that astute financial management is a “way of life” and a cultural principle for all schools. Actions of the Board, school administration, and senior leaders must reflect the value of responsible financial stewardship.


There are many critical factors to consider when starting a school - whether it be adding onto an elementary/middle school to add a high school division; or starting a new school plant from scratch. Feasibility factors must be accounted for, checklists for compliance purposes must be considered, processed and protocols delivered, and all strategic goals executed so that the new school has the very best chance of being successful.

Website and Social Media Development

The diverse goals that schools set with respect to marketing and student recruitment require a variety of planning elements. Extending a marketing presence is crucial to successful enrolment management goals and allowing schools to compete in the private school marketplace. Social media marketing requires specific planning and execution to impact inquiries and actual realized admissions. As well, a school’s website is now the “face“ of a school in so many ways. All private schools should have a professional website that is positioned to serve many purposes that will allow the best opportunity for exposure and functional success.

Growth Management

When schools reach their maximum capacity and need to develop a facilities plan to enable strategic growth, this process requires expertise and data to drive it to success. Fundraising, facilities assessments, growth projections, budgetary projections, community engagement, funding options, compliances, and resource/government alliance development all need to be considered when growing a school.


There are many support documents that help support leadership in a variety of ways. Salary grid development, student handbooks, codes of conduct, job descriptions, cultural statement handbooks, and budgetary narratives are examples of support documents that add value to policies, protocols, and procedures.


Christian schools are always interested in how they may incorporate Christian lifestyle crucibles into their curriculum, programming, missions, and community engagement. There are always new documents and resources to help move schools forward with new ideas in order to strengthen all areas with respect to where faith and learning meet.