ACSIEC is renewing our commitment to Christian education excellence and growth by meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow! 

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  • Consulting services relating to strategic planning, board governance and leadership issues, facilities growth and expansion, financial management, Principals/Heads coaching, enrolment management, marketing and social media, institutional fundraising, teacher qualifications and certification, policy development, employee compensation, etc.
  • Regular (monthly, quarterly and yearly) professional development via best-practise blogs, journal articles from organizations such as ACSI Global, Association of Curriculum & Development, Independent School Management, various universities/ colleges, and experts in Independent Education.
  • Real-time access to the Executive Director & ACSIEC Team - emails, texts, Zoom calls, and phone calls in order to problem solve, engage, and discuss solutions-based strategies.
  • Value-added resourcing via employment searches, employment opportunities, marketplace resourcing and professional collaborations.
  • Government advocacy.
  • ACSIEC Legal Team Resourcing - expertise as needed if legal issues arise.
  • ACSIEC member schools employee benefits programs.
  • ACSIEC Leadership Institute - mentoring and developing heads, principals, administrators and department heads.
  • Professional development conferences, webinars, seminars, and virtual events.
  • ACSIEC Collaborative Huddles.
  • Membership rates for all school activities, conferences, student activities, and more.
  • Executive Director and/or other ACSIEC Staff available to engage with schools regarding conflict resolution, mediation, strategy development.
  • Access to school leadership audits, in-depth evaluation of a school’s operational and advancement plans.
  • ACSIEC represents member schools at the educational departments of provincial governments in ON, QC, NB, NS, PE and NL, and with professional and credentialing organizations of independent schools.
  • Discounts when purchasing national standardized tests and curriculum materials.
  • Complimentary advertising in our employment listings when seeking teachers/administrators/support staff.
  • Access to umbrella agreements with key value-add vendors such as Microsoft, and Johnson Inc. (home & auto insurance) - exclusively for ACSIEC members.
  • Student activities such as Student Leadership Conferences, academic and co-curricular events (sports, arts, etc.).
  • International Christian education opportunities - partnerships with Christian schools and educators. Exposure opportunities for interested schools/educators to appropriate regions of ACSI Global.