Christian Private School Strategic Planning... Part 1

by Kent Warkentin

Have you ever felt like you were just spinning your wheels as a leader? Perhaps you have tried everything that you know of and your school still isn’t moving ahead? Maybe you have teacher challenges, board governance challenges, or enrolment stagnation challenges?

I am here to tell you that none of your challenges will get easier unless you apply defined and deliberate STRATEGY!

Strategy is NOT:
  • a binder on the shelf collecting dust
  • major academic vocabulary that doesn’t translate into understandable solutions
  • blind hope without research
  • a waste of a Principal’s time
  • so difficult to envision or break down that it isn’t worth pursuing

Strategy IS:

  • a roadmap of where your school is going, and how it will get there
  • an active, reviewed, living and breathing mechanism for action and change
  • owned by everyone in the school from board to support staff
  • sometimes singular in focus, sometimes collective in focus
  • a way to address challenges or great ideas with studied, proven, and supported solutions going forward
I would strongly suggest that every school engage in the following:
  1. Assess the major priority issues that are causing challenges, are needed for continuous improvement, and require action.
  2. Research best-practise. Talk to other successful schools. Talk to experts.
  3. Develop a Strategic Plan - one that is actionable, comprehensive, alive, measurable, motivational, missional, and visionary. This could be a plan around one priority issue OR a school-wide plan that encompasses all major areas of operation.
  4. Move forward and see results!

As we all seek to continually improve our schools and develop a culture of growth mindset, strategy can be a major asset to achieving goals, addressing challenges, and positively impacting school culture! Please contact us at ACSIEC to learn more!

~ Kent