Christian Private School Strategic Planning... Part 1
2021-03-16 img
Christian Private School Strategic Planning... Part 1by Kent WarkentinHave you ever felt like you were just spinning your wheels as a leader? Perhaps you have tried everything that you know of and you...

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School Leadership - Making Difficult Decisions
2020-12-01 img
It is a joy being a leader when your school is growing, board members are happy, parents and students are happy, and your employees are happy. Unfortunately ...

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Growing Private Schools - Strategically
2020-11-03 img
Several private school boards that I have worked with believed that the key to growing their schools was a more effective student recruitment and marketing ...

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Strategic Private School Homecoming Events
2020-10-06 img
School events can be a lot of work and I am often asked if they are worth the hours of effort. When the event is strategic, it is well worth the time and...

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Leading With Appreciation!
2020-09-01 img
For as long as I can remember, I have been taught to say “thank you” - for a variety of reasons. Now that I am involved in coaching professionals who are leading ...

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