Daycare Cook

Salary/Wages Salary to be discussed during interview process.
Type: Part Time
Location: Bridlegrove Day Care Centre
Educational Requirements:
Experience Required:
Closing Date: 2023-02-28 12:00PM


Cook job description

  • Cook for 55 children (max)
  • Duties to include:  Planning and preparation of nutritious meals, snacks for preschoolers and Toddlers, some baking required, preparing weekly grocery lists (and as required) within the budget, food preparation, menu planning and clean-up are part of this position. 
  • Shift 9:00am-2:00pm
  • Working independently and can set your own break time
Daily Schedule

  • 8:30 a.m.-teachers will get the snack prepared for the classrooms
  • 9:00a.m.-arrival time and lunch prep begins
  • see the cleaning schedule for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual cleaning expectations
  • kitchen duties should be done by 2:00pm, keep track of hours using time sheet
  • when there is a quiet moment-take a break
Safety and Sanitation

Cooks must possess a food handler’s permit to show they understand and can follow the health codes pertaining to safety and sanitation for the work area and cooking utensils; personal grooming; and how to properly prepare food to avoid food-borne illnesses.  As well, the cook needs to wear a hair net, hat or tie the hair back.  Hands must be continually washed when moving between foods, clean dishes, serving and cutting fresh fruits etc.

Cook must maintain the kitchen’s inventory, ordering just enough food to make sure necessary ingredients are always on hand without any going to waste, and making sure everything is stored properly for safety and space efficiency.

Cooks must organize their kitchen schedule, plan regular duties such as; cleaning, design menus and make sure cooking activities are coordinated between management and cook when preparing meals
Meal Planning

The cook plans seasonal menus on a four to six-week rotation.  Current menu and the next weeks’ menu must be available for parents to view at all times.  Lunch menu must contain all food groups i.e. cereal with milk would be grains and dairy.  It takes time to calculate appropriate amounts of food needed for the number of children being fed.  It is a bit of trial and error at first.  The menu needs to have alternative meals/snacks listed for children with food allergies/intolerances and preferences.
Food Preparation

The daycare cook’s primary purpose is to prepare food for the children and staff at the daycare centre.  While lunch is the main focus, a.m. and p.m. snack prep is also required.
Cooking Skills

Cooks must understand proper food preparation techniques, keep recipes on file, use thermometer to ensure food has reached appropriate internal temperature and document it on the menu, use appropriate cutting boards to prevent cross contamination as well as to be sure not to leave the stove unattended when in use.
Ordering Food

The cook will need to prepare food lists 1) weekly for Costco Shopping 2) every 4-5 weeks for the Avon Food Group.  As you observe our supplies running low, start preparing your list.  You need to use caution when ordering to ensure you have the proper amount of food.  The food will need to be organized after it’s delivered to the daycare centre.

please refer to Daily Schedule

The kitchen is the centre of the Daycare centre so you will be interacting with many people on a daily basis.  We are a Christian Centre so it is important to the Church that staff be off good character and are professional in all interactions.  The cook will have many people in and out of the kitchen.  If you are not sure how to help them, please refer them to the Supervisor.  Be sure to be friendly and helpful.  Some parents may come in and want to discuss their child’s diet. Please remind them that any dietary changes have to be reported to the office in writing.  A list of all food allergies, intolerances and preferences are listed in the kitchen and all eating areas.  The kitchen can be a busy place, especially when cooking several things at once.  In addition, the cook will also assist in answering the phone.
Interacting with Children

Children may be sent to put dishes on the kitchen window counter, or sent to ask for extra cups/cutlery.  You will need patience when dealing with them and should respond to their requests in a kind and loving manner.  Understand that cleaning spills will be a given when working with children.

How to apply

Please apply by email to