Salary/Wages A competitive compensation package will be commensurate with experience.
Type: Full Time
Location: Westminster Classical Christian Academy, Toronto, ON
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree. Master’s Degree preferred.
Experience Required:
Closing Date: 2021-04-15 3:00PM


Westminster Classical Christian Academy, located in downtown Toronto, is seeking a School Principal for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Westminster Classical Christian Academy’s Principal and Governance Board are responsible for preserving and achieving the distinctives and mission of WCCA. As Lead Educator and Administrator of the JK through Grade 8 program, the Principal is responsible for implementing the Christian and Classical vision of WCCA.

The Principal builds, trains, and leads a highly qualified Faculty. Partnering with parents, they attend to the intellectual, spiritual, moral, and physical growth of each child, firmly rooted in an orthodox Christian and richly Classical understanding of education. Administratively, the Principal will supervise the effective development of WCCA’s educational program within the Classical tradition; define and continue to build a school culture of responsibility, courtesy, gratitude, and kindness; increase enrollment and retention; manage finances; and report to the Governance Committee on these initiatives.

  • As a committed Christian, lives a life of integrity and humility, and fully embraces the WCCA Statement of Faith & Core Family Values.
  • Bachelor’s Degree. Master’s Degree preferred.
  • Experience preferred in Classical education, ideally in a K-8 setting.
  • Demonstrated history of effective leadership in a Christian school (5 years minimum).
  • Demonstrated history of guiding the professional development of classroom teachers.
  • Proven record of accurately identifying areas for improvement and effecting change.

  • Strives for excellence and is passionate about a full-orbed Classical approach.
  • Has strong written and verbal communication skills for use both in school and publicly.
  • Possesses organizational gifts, flexibility, and problem-solving skills.
  • Leads with transparency and is receptive to an appropriate level of accountability.
  • Able to multi-task and delegate.
  • Attuned to the unique cultural challenges of the age, seeking discernment and guidance from Scripture in how to educate our youth in an urban, highly diverse environment.
  • Effectively communicates with students, parents, Faculty, and community members in truth and love.
  • Able to instruct effectively, inspire, and assess children in a variety of areas through creative, purposeful, and age-appropriate methods.
  • Implements school policies, provincial laws and regulations, and guidelines affecting teachers and students, provided those laws do not violate the Scriptures.

  • Provides visible, relational, and spiritual leadership to the Faculty and student body. 
  • Oversees the overall daily operations of the school.
  • Maintains conduct befitting a disciple of Christ, particularly in both public and private conversation (including Social Media).
  • As a non-voting member of the Board, provides key status updates and collaborates with the Board to establish policies and processes.
  • Actively participates in Board meetings on a monthly basis and writes monthly reports. 
  • Creates and manages the budget in liaison with the Board.
  • Determines Faculty salaries and contractual obligations in liaison with the Board. 
  • Oversees course scheduling and school calendar.
  • Provides a weekly update for parents.
  • Administers student disciplinary measures, including probation, suspension, or expulsion.
  • Participates in promotional events.
  • Interviews prospective families, and is responsible for admissions decisions.
  • Resolves interpersonal problems, applying Biblical principles.
  • Develops and implements performance metrics.
  • Liaises with church staff in maintenance of the building

  • Leads in developing the strongest possible educational programs to promote the objectives of the school; to educate students with a Biblical worldview, develop Christian virtues, and to sharpen critical thinking.
  • Reviews current curricular choices, adjusting them where necessary to ensure an overarchingly robust, thorough, and sequential academic program.
  • Evaluates curriculum and program with appropriate Faculty.
  • Reviews and approves curricular goals for each grade.
  • Manages new technologies and resources while thoughtfully and critically limiting their impact on Classical methods.
  • Plans weekly Chapel Service.
  • Oversees all school events and extracurricular activities.

  • Builds, leads, and mentors a dedicated Faculty.
  • Recruits Faculty members.
  • Oversees teacher accountability for implementing discipline policy. 
  • Conducts monthly Faculty meetings.
  • Designs and leads professional development throughout the academic year. 
  • Writes performance reports to review with employees.
  • Supports Faculty in all necessary communication with students and parents
  • Leads Faculty devotions and prayer on a daily basis.

  • Holds Faculty and students to a high standard of intellectual and behavioural habits.
  • Develops and maintains meaningful relationships with students; functions as an authoritative and engaged presence on campus. 
  • Serves as an effective disciplinarian with high expectations of children’s conduct while encouraging a spirit of joy and delight.
  • Enforces basic manners and courtesy.
  • Maintains and revises the School Policy Handbook.

For more information including: Mission & Vision, Statement Statement of Faith, and Statement of Core Family Values please contact the school office:

How to apply

Please submit the following to : 
  •  C.V. 
  • Philosophy of Education (approx. 500 words) 
  • Philosophy of Discipline (approx. 500 words)