Executive Director

Salary/Wages To be discussed in interview process.
Type: Full Time
Location: Halifax Christian Academy (Halifax)
Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree in education, business administration, or a related field; a Master's degree will be an asset.
Experience Required: At least five years of experience in a leadership role in education or a related field.
Closing Date: 2024-06-01 6:00AM


Job Summary: We seek an experienced Executive Director to lead Halifax Christian Academy.
The Executive Director will work closely with the Board of Directors to develop and implement
strategies that advance the school's mission and goals. The Executive Director of Halifax
Christian Academy is responsible for the overall leadership, management, and strategic
planning of the school in accordance with its mission, values, and policies.

Background: Halifax Christian Academy (HCA) nurtures young minds and increases the faith of
children as young as 18 months old through to grade 12 via two rapidly growing campuses in
the HRM. HCA academic currently impacts 270 students in three divisions: Elementary
(pre-primary – grade 6), Middle (7-8) and Secondary (9-12). It also serves 30+ children in its
Early Childhood Education program.

Halifax is the largest city in Atlantic Canada and is the second fastest-growing city in Canada.
Population growth coupled with the increasing demand for Christian education among families
has resulted in HCA experiencing unprecedented enrollment growth.
Mission: We equip students to develop a love for learning and an unshakeable faith. We glorify
Jesus by creating a community that positively impacts others through our service.
Vision: Transforming lives through dynamic Christ-centered education and discipleship.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Strategic Planning: Develop and implement a long-term strategic plan for the school in
consultation with the Board of Directors and other stakeholders.
2. Financial Management: Assume responsibility for financial oversight of the school,
including budget development, fundraising, and grant writing, ensuring that the school
operates within its financial means. Develop and manage the school's budget, ensure
that all financial transactions are properly recorded and reported, and provide regular
financial updates to the Board of Directors and other stakeholders. Hire and supervise
accounting or finance staff to assist with financial management, if needed.
3. Admissions and Enrollment: Oversee the development and implementation of a
comprehensive admissions and enrollment plan to ensure that the school meets its
enrollment goals. Work with the admissions team to coordinate all aspects of the
admissions process, including recruitment, application review, interviews, and decision-making. Develop and implement retention strategies to ensure that enrolled
students continue to attend the school.
4. Board of Directors: Work with the Board of Directors to provide leadership, guidance,
and support for the school's mission and vision and to ensure that the school complies
with all relevant laws and regulations.
5. Staff Management: Oversee the recruitment, hiring, training, and supervision of all staff
members, ensuring they are committed to the school's mission and values and perform
their duties effectively.
6. Curriculum and Instruction: Oversee the development and implementation of a
high-quality, Christian-based curriculum that meets the needs of all students and
ensures academic excellence.
7. Spiritual Life: Foster a strong spiritual life in the school community by overseeing the
promotion of regular opportunities for worship, prayer, and spiritual growth. Encourage
and support faculty and staff in their personal spiritual development.
8. Student and Family Relations: Foster a positive and welcoming environment for
students, parents, and families, and maintain effective communication channels with all
9. Facilities Management: Oversee the maintenance and improvement of the school's
facilities, ensuring they are safe, clean, and well-maintained.
10. Community Outreach: Develop and maintain positive relationships with the community,
including local churches, businesses, and other organizations.
11. Fundraising: Oversee the development of a comprehensive fundraising plan to meet the
school's financial needs. Cultivate relationships with donors and supporters, write grant
proposals, plan and execute fundraising events, and coordinate all fundraising activities.
12. Marketing: Oversee the development of a marketing plan to promote the school and
increase enrollment.
13. Volunteer Management: Oversee the development of a volunteer program to engage
parents, alumni, and community members in supporting the school.
14. Alumni Relationships: Oversee the development and maintain positive relationships with
school alumni, including coordinating alumni events, communications, and engagement
15. Donor Relationships: Oversee the development of positive relationships with individual
and institutional donors, including ensuring regular communication, donor recognition,
and stewardship.

Qualifications and Essential Skills:
1. Bachelor's degree in education, business administration, or a related field; a Master's
degree will be an asset.
2. At least five years of experience in a leadership role in education or a related field.
3. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to work effectively with
diverse groups of people.
4. Knowledge of and commitment to Christian education and the mission and values of the
5. Demonstrated ability to manage finances, develop budgets, and secure funding.
6. Experience with curriculum development, instruction, and assessment.
7. Familiarity with relevant laws and regulations related to education and non-profit
8. Strong organizational and time-management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks and
meet deadlines.
9. Computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office and other relevant software.
10. Ability to work independently and as part of a team with great initiative, creativity, and
11. Strong spiritual life, with the ability to lead and inspire others in their spiritual growth and
development. A deep understanding of Christian faith and values and a commitment to
incorporating them into all aspects of school life. A strong commitment, involvement and
membership in a local HRM church. Ability to provide spiritual care and support to
students, staff, and families and to promote a culture of love, grace, and compassion in
the school community.

How to apply

This position is open to internal candidates. Internal candidates will be considered alongside all

Interested candidates should apply by sending a statement of faith, philosophy of Christian
Education and current resume to: boardchair@halifaxchristianacademy.ca with the subject line:
“Executive Director Application.”